Sherotica chapter 1
the diary of a hedonist
(copyright) oceania


Inside a place, others are sure does not exist except in books and the vivid imagination of some perverted author, are buried the notes, diaries, fantasies and pictures of SHE-ROTICA

Dear Diary I have been sick these last months and my dearest has brought me to a place to recuperate. He leaves me alone during the day while he works and I am left to read and write as I please. This morning I found this note, very much by accident, under the paper lining of the dresser drawer. It is not so old or yellow ... and I can make out the words... I am delirious over this discovery but have decided not to share it with my beloved.

My Cherie__Where am I ? Why have you not found me... It must have been days ago that we slipped away from the party.. found that little room behind the staircase and made love. You left me to go bring us champagne and other frivolities. The door locked behind you . I don't know how long I have been locked in this room.. has it been days, weeks or merely hours. It is always night in here - but a candle always burns near the bedside. I sleep because I am exhausted or perhaps because I am being drugged. I am awaken when it is time to eat.. food is passed under the door into this tiny room... but it is always the same meal. I feel I will be driven mad if I do not have human contact soon.

I m awake again there is food on the night stand and more paper… I need to write to you to keep my sanity….

My Cherie__I dreamt last night that we played one of our games. The one where you put steel cuffs around my wrists and slowly rip my clothes off leaving me naked and vulnerable.

I woke up wet and with a burning need. I fear you must be dead ... or perhaps held hostage as am I. Whatever the case, God forgive me, I played with myself. Rubbing my hardened nipples until they ached... squeezing my thighs together as I inserted a finger into my pussy and used my thumb as a rudder on my clit... .

I do not care if they saw.. these invisible people.. I am only human and I miss you! .

Is it another day I do not know

My Cherie _As I lay immersed in a dream, I knew I was not alone in my room...I dared not move... afraid I would scare who ever it was away. I could feel her presence hovering over me. The air surrounding our bodies was warm, moist hanging like a lover's kiss... .

I opened my eyes, perhaps too quickly. She smiled down at me and blew the candle out leaving me total darkness. By the time I found the matches and lit the candle, she was gone. I tired the door, but it was still locked. As I walked back to the bed, I saw my reflection in mirrored doors of the armoire. .. lipsticked circles covered my nipples and pussy lips.. dirty words were scrawled over my body. .

I stood silent for some time tracing the rouge path across my body.. fingers finding my soft pink parts and exposing them to the vision in the mirror... I wondered how long she had watched me.. if she had wanted me... I grew wet with this last thought... and madly attacked my clit.. rubbing it hard.. Hot wax from the candle dripped down and covered my open pussy lips - I cried out.... wondering why I was being tortured so... .

Dearest Diary,

My beloved is worried ... spouting stupid words about trying to recuperate to fast and what it will do to my mind... He brings me toys to play with.. holds me down with his shear weight and applies vibrators to my clit rubbing small circles up and down until I beg him to stop and scream out with maddening clarity that I am cumming. The intensity of his actions is scary and yet I am not afraid but rather I am exhilarated and wish it to go on forever… his teasing and torturing my poor clit until I scream for mercy or pass out form orgasming too much.

He laughs and states that I am not yet able to control even these simple things how can I hope to cope with the world.. then softly, spanking my pussy, he shoves the vibrator into my twat and leaves the house.

I ride the vibrator to yet another orgasm.. thinking the woman in the letters. I am enchanted by this woman. I wish to know more ... I will begin my quest today after ....I cum. I will will myself out of bed... and find her....

Dearest Diary,

I did it! I got out of bed and made my way down the stairs. I must admit I was exhausted but continued by shear exhilaration of the accomplishment.

I remember the long trip and wakening in the feather bed... but I do not remember being brought to this house. I do not remember these beautiful oriental rugs, the tall ceilings and high walls. The rooms of which I have peered into, for I dare not step inside, not just yet, must have 14 foot ceilings and every inch of wall is covered in paintings like a museum.

Such a stark contrast to the stair way and it's deep mahogany woods and white walls bare of any ornamentation.

There are so many rooms and I am not really sure what I am looking for. How does one hide a room. Yet I know that the story must be true, I feel she is real and that she lives, perhaps still in this room, watched by these cruel people….

Somewhere a clock chimed 5.

Oh gawd How could it be so late? William will be home any second. He must not find me here. He will be so angry.

I turned quickly to get back up the stairs to my room. I did not want my lover knowing. He mustn’t know. I did not want to lie to him if I were caught and I can not tell him the truth.

I turned - quickly. Suddenly I felt dizzy and stumbled.. hitting the wall. The paneling moved and I fell into a room.

I heard his car pull up on the gravel drive outside. I panicked and tried to stand but My foot was lodged between the closing door and the hall. As I struggled to free myself I noticed that the small room was covered in paintings, murals.. all sexually explicit. Men with huge penis', women being impladed. And in the corner was a bed, an iron bed.

Curiosity begged me to stay, but William's voice engaged in conversation re-enforced the urgency. There was no time to explore -just react.

My heart beat ever so fast as I pushed the door open and crawled out into the hall. Thankfully, He had not yet made his way to the front door.

Gathering my night shirt in my hands I raced up the stairs and fell into bed, breathless. My ankle ached my head spun and I knew if I was not able to gain control there would be no way to cover up this ear to ear smile across my face.

My racing heart , my rapid short breath had to be explained. I reached for the box of toys on the bed and grabbed the first thing I could find.

William opened the door just as I turned the vibrator on high and pressed it against my puss lips.

"I see you've been busy my pet" he smiled..

He continued to speak, but mind was already occupied... had I found the mystery woman's room under the stairs.

I will not be ignored he stated in a deeper louder voice… I smiled and continued playing with myself.

William raised his voice an octave higher. "AM I TO BE REPLACED WITH THIS?" he asked grabbing the vibrator from my hand. How utterly disgusting he spat slapping my engorged clit. I winched at the sudden infliction of pain.

Answer me he yelled . "AM I TO BE REPLACED WITH THIS?"

He was now waving the thick cyber skinned cock in the air ove rhis head.

I shook my head no, so surprised by his forcefulness.

Silently I watched as he quickly undress and mounted me, harsh and rude. There was no tenderness, no mutal lovemaking, no give and take. His 5 oclock shadow tore my face, my neck, my breasts… his hands wrapped tightly around my wrists holding them over my head… as he swam into me… fast hard… without caring…

" I control your pleasures" he said pushing his hardening cock deep into me... I control YOU!

I said nothing. I was wildly horny, incredibly wet.. I enjoyed his brutality, his taking control and mastering me… I tried to assist to spread my legs wider but his thighs on top of mine kept me flat… I was his captive…. My pleasure where truly in his control.

The fuck was short , angry, hot and wonderful. I felt tingles of electricity inside me that I have never felt before. Yet I did not come. He had not allowed it. This was not for my pleasure but for his.

I knew that from his expression

When he came

For a brief instance

Our eyes locked

He saw my excitement

The intensity that filled me

The mounting orgasm

And he stopped

Got off me

Sweat covered my body

My night gown was in knots around me

He left bruises on my wrists and thighs where he pinned me down. I started to finish what he had started

But his look said more than words ever could and I stopped

And just watched as he got dressed turned and left.

I called after him but he was already down the hall to his own room.

To be continued….